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Commissioned by Sewell of Plano, this Texas-themed mural is the first mural at Children's Medical Center–Legacy Campus. Children literally drive themselves down the hallway to surgery in a mini Mini Cooper, also compliments of Sewell.

This mural features all the standard Texas fare: oil derricks, bluebonnets, horny toad, bunnies, old western town, dog, squirrels, turtle, frog, ducks, longhorn, birds, windmill, farm house, Texas landmark sign, and more. It even has a Mini Cooper touring the country-side!

“These cars totally take their minds off where they are going, and the hospital has been able to minimize the pre-sedation. The mural is an essential add-on to this; it is no different than artwork we have in the rest of the hospital.”
–Pete Kline, president of the Children’s Medical Center Foundation

The mural is 11,074 square feet and took two people over 105 hours to paint.

You can see photos from the day-to-day progress made on banana, ink. on facebook logo linking to banana, ink.'s fb page!

dog and dog house under big tree with squirrels snake coming down out of tree with turtle and duck pond below tree by duck pond with heard of longhorn in the background horse and birdies behind a duck pond; frog by pond windmill, farmhouse, and bunny bunny hill with Sewell Texas landmark sign cafe and livery stable in an old west-looking town bluebonnets, bank and hotel in an old west-looking town Mini Cooper on curvy road going up the hill to a directional sign; bluebonnets by the road dog and dog house by a tree with a squirrell peeking out of a knot hole turtle on a log by the pond silly snake coming down out of the tree quacking duck longhorn behind tree with heart carved on the trunk Children's Medical Center red balloon held by ducks on the pond birdie flying in tree frog and sign by pond pink worm farm house purple horned toad armadillo Mini Cooper going up curvy road on hill mice on ranch entry sign oil derrick and barrels